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Keeping Dentures Clean

How can I keep my Dentures Clean?

If you are one of the millions of people who have either removable partial or full dentures, then you know they need the correct care to keep them unstained and in good shape.

Here are some tips on keeping your dentures and/or partials in mint condition.

Always, after every meal, take your dentures or partials out of your mouth and rinse them first. You can accomplish this by simply running cool water over your partials for about a minute or so. What you are trying to do is to get rid of any residual food that may have stuck to your dentures. It is a good idea, to protect your dentures from dropping on the ground and breaking simply by placing them on a towel or put the towel in the sink and rinse them there.
While your dentures are out of your mouth, you can then begin to clean your gums. You should have on hand a soft bristled toothbrush (the kind that are used on natural teeth). Some people find this uncomfortable; if so, you can substitute a gauze pad and gently wipe down your gums. Try to get any and all pieces of food off your gums.

Rinsing alone will not take care of the cleaning part of your dentures or partials. At least once a day, you will need to scrub your dentures. You do need to stay away from brushes that have stiff bristles. Also avoid strong whitening kind of toothpastes as these can harm your dentures.

Always be gentle while holding and cleaning your dentures/partials. They tend to bend, and then you would need to have them redone.

Night time care of your dentures. Soak Soak Soak your dentures/partials every night, all night long. If you don't soak them, they can lose their shape if they become dried out, so soaking them keeps them pliable and in the correct shape for your mouth.

Thoroughly rinse your dentures clean after soaking. Rinse at least twice before you reinsert them in your mouth. Denture soaking agents are sometimes too harsh for the human mouth. The chemicals in these products are meant to clean your dentures, not to be in you can contain harmful chemicals that cause vomiting, pain or burns if swallowed. If you feel nauseous or experience pain, contact your dental specialist immediately.

Even though you don't have your own teeth, you still need to visit your dentist on a regular basis. It may be annually, or bi annually. Your dental professional will be able to tell you how often you need to see him or her.

It might be some extra work, but by following the above guidelines, you can keep that smile looking great!