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  1. Can I use the plan immediately?
    YES.  If you apply online you will receive a temporary ID card in your email within 10 minutes.  If you do not have an email address, write down your temporary ID number AND the toll free “member verification number” on a piece of paper and take it with you to the dentist. If you sign up over the phone ( 1-800-515-7401) we will give you your ID number over the phone.
  2. What’s a fee schedule?
    A fee schedule is a list of dental procedures and the discounted price when using the dental plan. Fee schedules may vary from one area to the next, and some are estimates while others contain actual set prices. .  
  3. How do I know if I'm eligible for a Careington discount plan?
    Since Careington Dental Plans are available to everyone, and everyone is eligible.
  4. Since Careington's discounts are so strong, should I expect your network dentists to be low-quality providers?
    Absolutely not. Careington employs an extensive vetting procedure before accepting new providers. We consider his/her education and employment histories, and we only do business with dental offices we trust enough to recommend.
  5. Can I cancel my membership anytime?
    YES.  You can cancel your membership anytime with a 30 day notice.  Remember - if you cancel and want to re-join, you’ll have to pay the $20 admin fee again.  The $20 processing fee is NOT refundable.
  6. How much money do I need to get started?  
    Memberships are processed electronically and
    payments are deducted from a debited account or charged to a credit card immediately.  If you use a debit card ensure you have enough in your account to cover the $20 admin fee AND the membership fee you select (monthly or annually).  If you do not have funds to pay the initial membership fee, you will receive an email notifying you that you membership is INACTIVE.  If you wish to activate your membership, you must call the toll free number in the email you received.
  7. Can you bill me?
    We can but… most customers opt for electronic payments because it’s much cheaper.  Careington can bill you quarterly for an additional $20 per quarter. Electronic membership fees are automatically deducted from a checking account or charged to your credit card during the 1st week of each month.  Insufficient funds or an expired credit card will cause your membership to be canceled.
  8. How do I renew my membership?
    Membership renewals are automatic.  If you are on the monthly plan, your membership continues until you cancel.  If you pay annually, you will receive a notification 30 days before your anniversary date notifying you that your annual membership fee is due.  IF YOU DO NOTHING AND YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION IS STILL VALID, your plan will self-renew for another year.  If you do NOT want to renew for another year, call member services (the number is on your ID card) to cancel.
  9. How do I get another ID card?
    You must call member services at 1-800-290-0523 to get another ID card.
  10. Is Careington a PPO?
    No. Careington is referred to as a PPN - Preferred Provider Network.


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