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Let's be honest - no one likes to go to the dentist.  Not even for a simple cleaning because they're afraid that the dentist may find something terrible like a cavity.

Simple dental hygiene is brushing and flossing twice daily.  Most people think that flossing is a pain, but it's necessary to completely remove all food particles. Brushing

THE most important thing you can do is just brush your teeth at least twice daily. Brushing will prevent tarter build up on your teeth.  If you have tarter, it could lead to cavities and bad breath for sure! Once that stuff forms on your teeth you have to schedule a dental visit to get it off. If you brush your teeth correctly it should only take 3-5 minutes.  

Flossing is also an important part of taking care of your teeth. It's recommended by dentists that you floss your teeth every time you brush.

Practice GOOD, SOLID dental hygiene and schedule a visit to a dentist at least every six months and your teeth will last you a lifetime! And that is where CAREINGTON can help. The Careington 500 Discount Plan makes these important visits to the dentist MUCH more affordable.

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