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Why Regular Dental Cleanings and Checkups Are Important

There are many reasons to pay close attention to your oral health and have your teeth routinely cleaned by dental professionals - and they go beyond your smile and your breath. Brushing and flossing at home are not enough; it is important that your mouth receives full cleanings by your dentist, utilizing his or her specialized instruments and cleaning products to thoroughly clear the teeth and gums of debris and bacteria. Serious dental problems - and overall health issues - can result from skipping this important step. Here are some reasons to ensure you're seeing your dentist regularly

Dental cleanings are important!

To Detect Dental Problems Early

Without visiting your dentist to receive cleanings, checkups, and x-rays, how will you know if your teeth have problems you can't see? I'm not merely talking about discoloration or pain - cavities, gum disease, and a number of other conditions can only be diagnosed (and treated) by dental professionals.

To Keep Your Teeth

Nobody wants to lose their teeth. Aside from the self-image issues that can come with tooth loss, note that dentures and implants are extremely expensive prosthetics that require lots of maintenance. Tooth loss is typically caused by gum disease, and it is nearly impossible for the average person to clean and disinfect their gums to the extent a dentist can.

To Prevent Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is, of course, a devastating disease that can threaten your entire mouth and even your life. And it's not only caused by tobacco usage; other factors can lead to oral cancer, some of which you don't even realize. Nowadays, dentists often offer oral cancer screenings in addition to your regularly scheduled exams and cleanings.

To Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease results when the tissues of your gums and bone become infected. This can result in tooth loss, halitosis (chronic bad breath), and a host of other oral (and whole-body) issues. Gum disease can be treated, but without staying on top of the issue by having your gums checked professionally, the treatment is often much more difficult (and not as successful). Gum disease can progress into very serious issues.

To Maintain Your Overall (Whole-Body) Health

We now know that gum disease can lead to serious issues throughout the body, including heart attacks and strokes. Yet another reason dental hygiene - and not just for the teeth themselves - is crucial to our livelihood!

To Attack Problems Going Forward

Once your dentist has examined and x-rayed your mouth and identified any potential problems, he or she will develop a treatment plan going forward. With this treatment plan, your dentist will outline future procedures needed to attack the problem(s) as he or she sees them. This will allow you to stay abreast of the road that lies ahead in improving your oral health.

To Correct Problems with Your Smile

Dentists, dental hygienists, and other professionals can help with many cosmetic issues as well. Stained teeth can be whitened and polished, crooked and overcrowded teeth can be straightened, and chipped teeth can be capped. This can give a tremendous boost to your smile in addition to your oral health.

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