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Braces For Kids

 How Kids Feel About Braces

Because they often think that "getting rid of their braces" means that they are growing up, a lot of teens cannot wait to get braces, even though some of them will worry about how the braces make them look. That is typically the minority, as most teens or preteens want to have that perfect smile.

No matter what the issue about the braces are, parents usually have far more concerns about braces.  The major concern is usually the cost to the parent. Here's the lowdown on kids and braces.

There are many reasons your child or pre teen may need braces.  Some of the reasons are as follows.  Your child may have a "bad bite".  There are two types of them.  One is the overbite, where the upper part of the jaw is larger than the lower part.  Just the opposite, the under bite occurs if the jawbone on the bottom part is larger than the top.  These both are know as "malocclusion".  Other children may have too many teeth, or they are not straight and can even overlap another tooth.

Issues with your child's mouth can be attributed to many other things as well.  If your child has had a trauma to the mouth, or excessive tooth decay, and sometimes, if your child had a thumb sucking problem, he or she could need orthodontic care. If one or both parents experienced any of the above and had braces, there is a good chance your child may need them as well.

A orthodontist could inform you that your child may need braces. However, it is best to get a second opinion from an orthodontist to answer that question and evaluate your child's mouth so the correct type of braces are put on your child's teeth.

You don't need to set in stone when to take your child to the orthodontist, some go as young as 7 or 8 years old.  Others wait until they are in junior high school or even later. Many adults need braces as well. Although many orthodontists encourage a visit once the permanent teeth come in, not everyone agrees with this. If your 6 to 8 year old shows signs of badly spaced (or overlapping) teeth, you should consider a visit earlier rather than later.

This does not mean that your child will immediately get braces, rather treatment plans and future orthodontic treatments can be started with the initial visit. So, if you think there is something wrong with your child's teeth, by all means visit an orthodontist to begin the process.